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Has your bank hiked home loan rates yet? When will mortgage repayments rise

The Reserve Bank of Australia has hiked the cash rate for the third month in a row, and some of the biggest names in home loan have already announced rate hikes as early as next week.

Rates have hiked: What can I expect when my fixed rate period ends?

With home loan interest rates on the rise thanks to cash rate hikes from the RBA, mortgage holders sitting on fixed rates may be breathing a sigh of relief. But there’s a chance that there could be a sting in the tail at the end of each fixed rate term, which borrowers may need to watch out and prepare for.

ING increases savings rate to 2.60% as banks finally deliver for savers

ING has today announced it will be increasing the interest rate on its Savings Maximiser to 2.60 per cent – the new highest ongoing savings rate in the market for all adults, effective 12 July.

Westpac the last big 4 bank to hike: see how mortgage rates now stack up

Westpac is the last big four bank to announce it is passing on the full RBA hike to variable rate mortgage customers.

Fight the rising cost of used cars with a top-rated car loan in July

If you’ve been in the market for a used car, you may have noticed that the cost is well above average. Drivers may instead want to prioritise a competitive, low-rate car loan to make this purchase more affordable.

NAB joins CBA, ANZ in hiking variable home loan and savings rates

NAB has announced it's passing on the full 0.50% RBA hike to variable rate mortgage customers and Reward S

RBA says inflation is due to supply issues: so why are rates still going up?

With the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) having hiked the national cash rate by 50 basis points in back to back months, and with more hikes likely to come in the future, Australian mortgage holders are under increasing financial pressure. But what effect are these rate rises expected to have on high inflation, especially when several of the factors driving it upwards are coming from overseas?

Catch up on your new year’s resolutions with July’s top personal loans

If you’ve found yourself halfway through 2022 with a list of untouched goals, this month’s top-rated personal loans could give you the push you need.

ANZ joins CBA and hikes home loan and some savings rates by 0.50%

ANZ has followed CBA and hiked variable rate mortgages and some savings account by the full 0.50 percentage points.

How high will rates go? Here's what experts think about the RBA cash rate

The Reserve Bank of Australia is forecast to hike the cash rate periodically over the next two years. Here's how high experts predict the cash rate hike may climb.

CBA hikes home loan rates and some savings accounts by 0.50%

Australia’s largest bank, CBA, is the first of the big four to announce it will pass yesterday’s double cash rate hike onto its variable home loan customers.

How much more will you pay on your mortgage? The impact of July's rate increase

The Reserve Bank of Australia has hiked the cash rate for the third month in a row, so how much more will your home loan repayments me? RateCity has crunched the numbers on the impact on all three rate hikes.

Some of the best home loans in July 2022

Following back-to-back 50-point hikes to the national cash rate from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), first home buyers and other owner occupiers could be facing a delicate balancing act. While higher rates could make securing finance for your property purchase more challenging, they could also lead to property prices falling in some areas.